The Last Appointment?

Yeah, probably not.

Today’s appointment was quick…ish, I had to wait a little, I did warn my advisor that I would be VERY early as I signed on at 9:05 but I still had to wait 15mins or so – But, the appointment was basically quick.

Had a quick chat, spoke to the manager of the centre… about where to get a Wii and how much they cost and then about phones after she saw me putting my next appointment into it. That’s the most interesting part.

Well, if you don’t count showing my advisor the business plan for Pure Boredom, which I also gave a copy to the Self Employment guy, get a bit of a head start before the appointment on Wednesday (01/08), because, well, its not exactly a conventional business.

So, Yeah, this could be one of the last posts on the Avanta Files, short of the Self Employment guy checking up on me or any courses that I have to do (gotta keep it legal).

If you want to keep upto date with the Pure Boredom Project, I will be posting updates on Syphernet.com (the site that owns Pure Boredom and The Avanta Files) and Pure Boredom itself, as well as my Twitter account at twitter.com/DancingBeaver.

Until next time, keep it nifty.

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Unemployed for 3 years, thrown from Back to Work Course to Back to Work Course with not much support from the Job Centre or any of the other courses - Follow my stories from the new 2 Year Back to Work Program from my 'chosen' provider, Avanta.

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